Pietra Serena over time

There is a close link between the history of a people and the resources of its land; in the case of Tuscany, the identity of this region speaks the language of Pietra Serena sandstone.
Pietra Serena sandstone was one of the main materials used by leading artists in the history of Florentine art and architecture, from ancient populations, through Renaissance to the early twentieth century, giving rise to a real profession, that of stonecutters.

Stonecutters work stone blocks according to the art of cutting and shaping. They hand down their craft to new generations, teaching them the skill of quarrying stone and working it, turning it into a real work of art.

Tuscany, with its ancient villas, and Florence in particular, testify to the use of this elegant material in the construction of architectural elements such as staircases, columns and entrances, which have become more and more charming with the passage of time.